Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Sparks Family

While cleaning out a file cabinet tonight I found information on my dad's family. His name was Arlie Sparks and he was born in Evelyn, KY, but  was raised in Irvine, KY.  The information came from a cemetery tour.

Arlie Sparks: December 4, 1919 - April 26, 1998 (Age 78)

My sister:
Deborah Ann Sparks: 1948-1955 (Age 7)


Lonzel Sparks: October 22, 1912-March 12, 1961 (Age 48)
Local Sparks: October 9, 1914-November 25, 1975 (Age 61)

Beulah Sparks Spurlin: September 9, 1911 - September 30, 1982 (Age 71) -
      Husband Charles Spurlin November 22, 1902- December 17, 1972 (Age 70)
Alma Sparks Abshear: July 25, 1925 - February 24, 1988 (Age 62)
Zula Sparks Rose: Died May 30, 2015 at age 92 - Husband Morris Rose died 2011

My grandfather:
Benjamin Harrison Sparks: 1889-1950 (Age 61)

My grandmother:
Sarah Catherine Durbin Sparks: 1889-1969 (Age 80)

Great Aunt (Sarah Catherine's Sister)
Mary Elizabeth Ingram: January 2, 1882-November 24, 1974 (Age 92)
Husband: Murrell Ingram: July 15 1877-March 1, 1969 (Age 92)

Dad's Cousin:
Dixie Kirby: April 7, 1906-June 15, 1989 (Age 83)
Husband: JW "Brud" Kirby, October 18, 1906 to May 11, 1977 (Age 70)

Others, Exact Relationship Unknown
W.J. Sparks: August 1, 1884-December 26, 1973 (Age 89)
Louisa Sparks: June 12, 1881-March 24, 1964 (Age 83)

J.A. Durbin: 1855-1928 (Age 73)
Elizabeth Durbin: 1856-1936 (Age 80)
Annis Durbin: September 1869-May 7, 1937 (Age 67)
Elisha Curtis Durbin: June 29, 1859-July 13, 1946 (Age 87)
W.H. Durbin: March 23, 1892-December 21, 1921 (Age 28)
W.H. Durbin: 1829-1912 (Age 83)
Mary Durbin: 1829-1893 (Age 64)
Amus Marion Durbin: April 19, 1862-October 18, 1884 (Age 22)
Hade Durbin: December 17, 1865-December 20, 1938 (Age 73)
Emma Webb Durbin: June 11, 1865-January 19, 1944 (Age 79)

Charley C Baker
September 2, 1885 - June 30, 1968 (Age 83)
Mandy Baker
April 10, 1886-January 8, 1937 (Age 51)

Vance Ingram: January 30, 1904-April 9, 1970 (Age 66)
Mary C. Ingram: September 8, 1898-January 30, 1977 (Age 79)
Phillip W. Ingram: March 7, 1938 - October 14 1938

Time Flies

I have neglected this blog.  Certainly not on purpose, but mostly because life has just been flying by the last year. 

The oldest received his Master's in May, 2014 and the youngest received his Bachelor's the same week.

The youngest started working on his Master's in August, 2014.

In September, 2014 I went on a cruise with one of my adopted daughter's to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

The oldest married in October, 2014.

2014 seemed to end in a blur with the holidays and work.

So far in 2015 I have finished the second phase of a big project at work.

My youngest adopted daughter received her Master's in May, 2015.

I have just returned from wonderful trip to Bella Vista, Arkansas.  I fished every day but one, I didn't catch enough fish, but I was relaxed and enjoyed being on the lake.

I am in the process of rearranging parts of the house and doing a huge clean up of old items. 

Life is good.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Officially Old Now, I No Longer Have a Teenager

My baby turned 20 today.  I can no longer say I have a teenager.

I am so proud of this young man.  He studies and works hard in school to keep his grades up and his scholarship in good standing, but that is not the reason I am proud of him.

I am proud of him because even though he seems aloof, he is extremely compassionate and full of empathy.

He is so much like me it is scary, but to balance that out he has a lot of his father's wonderful qualities.  I know Raymond would be proud too.  

Happy birthday son. I love you more than you will ever know or understand. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Something Has Changed in 32 Years

I was 22 when I got married.  I met Raymond in 1977, we go married in 1982.  I didn't date him exclusively until my senior year of college, but we had been dating 4 years all together.

Raymond grew up working around the farm, and for others. The only time I knew him not to have a jobs outside the farm was during semesters. During the summers he often worked several jobs.  

I started making money working outside the home when I was 10. That is when I started babysitting.  I think I always did chores around the house from the time I could walk.  It was what you did in our house.  You did your part to be help the entire family.  I can remember standing on a chair to wash dishes because I was too little to even reach the kitchen counter.

When Raymond and I got married we were fairly mature and knew how we wanted to run our household.  Because we only had one car, I didn't work for many months after we got married.  We had to wait to see where Raymond would be assigned so my job could be in the same direction.  Since I didn't work, I did everything in the apartment, except laundry.  Raymond had refused to pony up the extra money to get an apartment with a washer/dryer, so he said he would do the laundry.  Every Sunday he got up around 5 a.m. and did the laundry.  He would do all the washing and drying,  then he would bring it all back for me to iron/fold and put away.  

After I started working the chores were divided up.  Raymond did the bathroom, I did the kitchen, he ran the vacuum, I dusted.  The person who cooked, did not do the dishes.  It remained that way until I quit work to raise the boys, then I did all the inside chores, and Raymond did all the outside chores.  

Fast forward to 2013.  I have seen a lot of 22 year olds get married this year. Personally, I think they could have all waited a few more years.  They all seem so immature, and they cannot seem to get this household thing down.  It cracks me up, and at the same time makes me so sad.

Marriage is hard work.  I worry what will happen to some of these couples when real hard issues come up in their marriage. If they can't figure out how to compromise and get the household chores done, what will happen when there are children, health issues, or financial problems?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life Has Gotten Away From Me

It seems life has gotten away from me lately.  For the month of October I was involved in several outreach programs in the evenings and working on a project that took extra time away from my usual duties at work.  All of these things were and are worthwhile endeavors, but it has meant many 14 hour days away from the Oasis, and has left me exhausted.
The problem with being exhausted is that once I am home I am too tired to do anything around the house. 
Hopefully things will slow down at least in the evenings after this coming week and I will begin to catch up, right before the holidays.  Or the big project will become urgent and I will sail through the rest of 2013 without recognizing what happened.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mind Baggage

Why is it that no matter how much I try I cannot get rid of my mind baggage?  I play stuff over and over again in my head trying to figure out how I could have changed a situation to make it better than how it turned out.  Some of these situations happened back when I was second grade.